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Ex-Usec Sevilla sa palusot ng DOF sa inflation: Tone deaf, misleading commentary

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Ex-Usec Sevilla sa palusot ng DOF sa inflation: Tone deaf, misleading commentary

Pinasaringan ni dating Finance Undersecretary Sunny Sevilla ang paliwanag ng kasalukuyang liderato ng Department of Finance kaugnay sa inflation data ng administrasyon ni President Rodrigo Duterte.

Sa Facebook page ng DOF, ikinumpara ng ahensya ang inflation sa loob ng dalawang taong panunungkulan ni Duterte sa panahon ng limang nagdaang presidente.

Palusot ng DOF, ang 2.8% average inflation rate ng Duterte administration ay mas mababa sa 6.3% average inflation rate mula 1986 hanggang 2016.

Ayon kay Sevilla, tone deaf at misleading ang paliwanag ng Finance Department kaugnay sa inflation.

“Dumbfounded by this tone deaf, misleading economic commentary from the Department of Finance. The “Duterte Administration’s inflation rate?” Linking presidential terms to inflation? Comparing the first two years of one presidential term to the average of five entire terms?” ani Sevilla.

“These are such obvious indicators of economic illiteracy and political sycophancy that they shouldn’t be taken seriously,” dagdag pa ni Sevilla.

May suhestiyon naman si Sevilla na dapat ay ipina-press release ng ahensiyang dati niyang pinaglingkuran. Basahin:

Dear Filipinos, we get it. We didn’t expect inflation to be this high. We were mainly unlucky. We had no idea oil prices would go up to this level. But some of this is our fault. We messed up on the rice situation and didn’t import enough on time. We didn’t expect some people to take advantage of TRAIN to raise their prices more than they should. We didn’t do our homework, and haven’t been able to give PUV drivers help with the higher fuel costs we now have. You have every reason to be upset, and no, we don’t think you are crybabies. 

TRAIN 1 was a hard-won victory, and despite the current challenges, we must stay the course. We understand the calls to suspend TRAIN, but to do so would expose us to greater risks and long-term costs than whatever short-term benefits that may bring. We’re sorry we weren’t better prepared for what’s going on now. But it won’t happen again. Imported rice should start arriving in July, and we will make sure that the shortages that led to higher rice prices do not happen again. We will do what it takes to make sure every Filipino can buy rice at P 45 per kilo by August 2018. If we fail, the Secretary of Agriculture and head of the NFA will both be replaced. All eligible franchised PUV operators will be assisted with fuel costs through the Pantawid Pasada Program by September 2018. If we fail, the Secretary of Energy will be replaced. 

We can’t take back what’s already happened, and we can never entirely control inflation and all the effects of tax reform. That’s life. But we promise that our economists will be much more sensitive to the potential negative effects of further rounds of reform. And we promise that next time, the entire government will be better prepared for the negative effects of future reform, such as potential job losses and dislocations among employees of companies which will lose their tax incentives.

Si Sevilla ay nagsilbing DOF Undersecretary at Commissioner ng Bureau of Customs (BOC) sa panahon ni dating Pangulong Benigno Aquino III.

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