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Karen Davila, sinupalpal si Salvador Panelo kaugnay sa sexual joke

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Karen Davila, sinupalpal si Salvador Panelo kaugnay sa sexual joke

Hindi kinagat ni ABS-CBN veteran journalist Karen Davila ang palusot ni Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo kaugnay sa sexual joke nito sa isang interview.

Sa programang Headstart sa ABS-CBN News Channel, iginiit ni Panelo na hindi umano na-gets nila Karin Winger ng Swiss National Public Radio at local reporter na si Ana Santos ang kanyang joke.

Dagdag pa ni Panelo, na-misspelled nila umano ang salitang “pack” bilang “fuck”.

“Actually, you know, in fact I was… because I received some text messages and forwarded to me an article they had written and I said to that writer that, obviously you did not get the joke because you were even quoting me wrong things. There was an interplay of words. Even the spelling was wrong. It’s simply I pack my clothes. P-a-c-k. They spelled it incorrectly,” ani Panelo.

Hindi pinaniwalaan ni Davila ang sagot ni Panelo.

“I don’t know how they could misunderstand if it’s your voice. Your exact soundbite said, ‘When I was still a bachelor, they said I f-u-c-k like an 18-year-old.’ And then ‘I f-u-c-k my clothes like an 18-year-old because I travel a lot.’ Are you saying that this is misunderstanding?” ani Davila.

“They misspelled what I said. The word was p-a-c-k. As in packing clothes when you travel,” tugon ni Panelo.

Tinanong ni Davila si Panelo kung hindi inappropriate ang mga sinabi nito.

“So you feel you did nothing inappropriate by saying stuff like ‘I’m better in bed’?” tanong ni Davila.

Sagot ni Panelo ay nagkamali sina Winger at Santos at gusto lamang umano ng mga ito na siraan siya at si President Rodrigo Duterte.

“They quoted me incorrectly. Spelled even the words incorrectly.  When they were asking questions, there were obviously biased questions. They had already assumptions and conclusions,” tugon ni Panelo.

Pinasaringan naman ni Davila ang palusot ni Panelo na biased ang mga nag-interview sa kanya.

“Why would you say they are biased when you are the one who brought up very personal matters, jokes about being better in bed, using the word f-u-c-k in an interview?” ani Davila.

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