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Privacy Policy

Change Scamming (Us, We, Our) suggests visitors (You, you’re) read the whole Privacy Policy because your privacy is important to us.

Thus, by visiting our website, you access our services and you agree to usage and collection of your “Information” and “Cookies.”

We will explain our use and collection practices and what can you do about it.



We will acquire the personal information you provided to us, which includes name and email during newsletter subscription. There is also information that may be automatically collected from you, such as anonymous information coming from your browser or device.


Why do we use and collect information?

  • Communicate with you,
  • Respond to your requests and questions,
  • Provide support, and
  • Prevent fraud for safety.

I return, you will be able to benefit from us. By providing information, you will receive:

  • Exclusive content,
  • Personalized experience,
  • Up-to-date articles, special offers, and rewards, and
  • Ability share your experience


Note: This information may be publicly viewed by others and further use of your information by third parties.

We may disclose information ONLY when the following happens:

  • Our partners will perform business-related functions such as analytics, content production, technical support, and advertising.
  • We have to respond to a law enforcement or government agency’s requests.
  • Third parties need to investigate fraud in the website
  • Our assets will be sold, transferred, or acquired by another group.



These are text files placed in your computer’s browser to store your preferences; utilized to understand your usage then enhance your online experience.
We and our partners work hand in hand to improve or customize products, content, and offerings on the website. This is also to help in doing the advertising and analytics which is all in all the reason why we are proving the quality services you are experiencing now.


You can disable cookies

Since the web browsers are the ones to accept cookies, set them to warn you before accepting certain cookies which can be found in its settings. However, once you disable the cookies, there may be features of the services that are unavailable.

Note: This privacy policy is subject to change without any notice. If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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