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KAHIT ALMA MATER NI DIGONG | San Beda: War on drugs is doomed to fail

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KAHIT ALMA MATER NI DIGONG | San Beda: War on drugs is doomed to fail

Kahit ang mga nag-aaral sa alma mater ni President Rodrigo Duterte ay kinokondena ang pagpaslang kay Kian Loyd de los Santos at pati na rin ang mga biktima ng huwad na kampanya kontra illegal na droga.

Kinondena ng San Beda Student Council ang mga pagpatay sa ilalim ng administrasyong Duterte. Hinikayat rin nila ang publiko na tumindig at ipahayag ang kanilang pagkadismaya sa drug war.

Pahayag ng San Beda Student Council:

“The San Beda Student Council and the Executive Committee condemns the culture tolerated by the current administration that has claimed the many lives of Filipinos under the infamous war on drugs. Anxiety has attacked the very well-being of the citizens as some of the agents of the state who are supposedly there to protect the people are the perpetrators themselves of these heinous murders.

We call upon the people to stand up and speak out to put an end to this abhorrent madness for we may not be the victims today, it could be us tomorrow.

Do not be silent. It is our time to speak.”

Kinondena rin ng San Beda Law – Human Rights Advocates ang pagpatay kay de los Santos, at para sa kanila, mauuwi lamang sa kabiguan ang drug war ni Duterte.

“The San Beda Law Human Rights Advocates strongly condemns the incessant killings brought about by the war on drugs.

These killings have been going on for months and thousands of Filipinos have already lost their lives. The clamor against the irregularities in the conduct of operations, in effecting the arrest and in the detention of accused has been disregarded. In a desperation for a more perfect society, bullets have been restlessly fired leaving Filipinos deaf from calls for justice and feeding the culture of impunity. This complacency must stop. The promotion of public order and security should not come at the expense of compromising our constitutional rights to due process.

The mandate of Philippine National Police (PNP) is to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security. In exercising their authority, Policemen do not automatically have the power to kill a suspect even if he resists. Only when there is “imminent danger” to human life can policemen use deadly force against a suspect. This is determined upon a showing of the intent of the suspect to harm the policeman or the capability of the suspect to harm the policeman or other persons as well as the accessibility or the proximity of the suspect in harming the policeman and other persons. Compliance with these rules was questioned as the death toll reached thousands with reports of alleged casualties involving minors. In the past week, 80 Filipinos were killed in a series of buy-bust operations as the war on drugs escalated.

Various sectors have been calling for an objective probe into these operations but this has fallen on deaf ears. This now serves as a challenge to Filipinos to break the silence and demand for accountability. To have those deaths investigated. To pin down liability on those who exceeded their authorities. To have our government uphold the rule of law. Never stop asking while we still can.

The war on drugs had become a war against human rights. We should not put to silence our rights to be presumed innocent, to be informed of the charges, and on the right for a speedy, impartial, and public trial. Our country is a nation governed by the rule of law- a society that does not and must not tolerate abuse of authority. The war on drugs, veiled as a solution to the cancers that plague the country, is hypocritical. The war on drugs is not the solution- it is the problem.”


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