Netizen Lorenzo Guerrero kay Bato: You've cried more in a year than Kris Aquino's time on ABS-CBN | Change Scamming
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Netizen Lorenzo Guerrero kay Bato: You’ve cried more in a year than Kris Aquino’s time on ABS-CBN

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Netizen Lorenzo Guerrero kay Bato: You’ve cried more in a year than Kris Aquino’s time on ABS-CBN


Binatikos ng isang netizen na si Lorenzo Guerrero si PNP chief Dir. Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa dahil sa patutsada nito laban kay Vice President Leni Robredo.

Matatandaang sinabi ni Dela Rosa kay Robredo na isantabi muna ang umano’y presidential ambition nito at suportahan na lamang si President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Kung gusto niya maging presidente, subukan natin siya pero patapusin nya muna ang buong administration para matapos mga plano ng Presidente. Sana suportahan na lang niya,” ani Dela Rosa kay Robredo.

Sa kanyang comment sa isang post ng Rappler, iginiit ni Guerrero na walang pahayag si Robredo kaugnay sa pagtakbo o intensyon para maging Presidente.

Dagdag pa ni Guerrero, ang umano’y ambisyon ni Robredo ay palabas lamang ng mga ayaw sa kanya.

Ayon pa kay Guerrero, tinalo pa ni Dela Rosa si Kris Aquino sa paramihan ng beses na umiyak.

Basahin ang buong post ni Guerrero:

There was never an explicit public statement of VP Robredo’s desire to run for President. All interpretations were product of insinuations and right wing paranoia. She’s the least of your worries. You’re essentially politicizing your position. You’ve cried more in a year than Kris Aquino’s tenure on ABS-CBN. You keep begging for sympathy that is needlessly deserved. You scold people you don’t agree with. You point faults of the opposition while brushing your side’s dirt under the rug. She not yet trying to run as president but you’re already campaigning for a senator’s seat. You are a dog. You’re willing to do anything for your master. Who’s being political now? Furthermore, I would worry less about VP Robredo and worry more about your master’s successor. A certain mayor from Mindanao who is going to inherit the throne of President. LOL.

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